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    Advanced fiber-reinforced polymer compo-sites have become one of the vital and widely used advanced materials in aeronautical, space and domestic industries, owing to their high strength ratio to volume and high mould ratio to volume which derive from the miracu-lous combination of super strong and light-weighed carbon or poly-aromatic-amide fiber with high performance polymer matrixes. BIAM began to study and develop advanced fiber-reinforced composites for aircraft forty years ago.
        Now she has a highly developed research and development composite department with outstanding engineers and well-trained workers, efficient manufacturng equipment and strict quality control system. In Oct. , 1997, the division which mainly produced winding shafts was divided from the compo-site department and became an independent one, named "Shaft Center". Shaft Center produces high quality shafts of golf, badminton and arrow by advanced winding processing, and also produces tube-shaped products by rolling processing.

         The domestic composite products of BIAM are classified into products for sports and leisure purposes, biological products, components of transportation tools and other usages.

Main products:

Carbon Golf shafts

Arrow shaft series

Skiing shafts

 The composite products manufactured by winding processing have the advantages of having continuous fiber, high straightness, accurate dimension, designable outline and high manufacturing automerizatioin. Winding processing is widely used to manufacture massive batches of tube-shaped composite prodcuts.

    BIAM is possessed of the patent of manufacturing arrow shaft by continuously windows processing, and also masters the technologies of winding processing, and shape-simulating abrasive processing, improving quality and decreasing the cost.

Shaft of badminton racket

Flexible holder of mcirophone

Fork column of bicycle


    BIAM is possessed of computer-controlled winding machines along with accessory facilities, such as automatic shape-simulating abrasive machines, automatic painting machines, continuously operated oven for curing and some others. These facilities enable us to manufacture high quality winding products in massive batches.



   Every product is subjected to the whole set of quality tests with straightness measurer, Laser-diameter measurer, universal tests machine, frequency torque tester, shaft flexibi-lity tester, golf shaft testing robot and the sort of testing instruments. All the manufacturing procedures are monitored with ISO9000 quality control system.

Testing equip

Testing equip Testing equipTesting equip
Testing equip Testing equipTesting equip
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