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ISO9001 and ISO9002 certified Titanium Manufacturing Group since 1996.

   Beijing International Aeronautical Materials Corp. (BIAM), founded in 1956, is the most advanced R&D aerospace material center in China, and a leading manufacturer of titanium castings and forgings worldwide. BIAM pres-ently employs a staff of 2,700 with approxi-mately 1,400 technical personnel.

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Superalloy Casting
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Heat Treatment Centre
Orthopaedic Implant
Nd-Fe-B Magnet
Shape Memory Alloy
Composite Material
Fine Chemicals
Special Coating
Rubber and Sealant
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Cast&wrought Superalloy
Aluminum and Magnesium
Titanium Alloy
Noble Metal
Corrosion&Surface Protect
Welding and Forging
Fine Chemicals
Advanced Composite
Metal Physics
Non-destructive testing
Metal Mechanical Properties
Properties of Non-metal
Chemical Analysis

  This is to certify that the Quality System of BIAM has been found to conform to the Quality Assur-ance stardard ISO9002, and is registered by CCQSEM (ISO9000).
    This certificate is valid for the following product or service range: Golf Equipments, Brake Assumblies, Master Alloy and Non-Metallic Parts, Composite Partes, Repair for Composite Parts.


Former president of BIAM


To verify the quality of casting production, BIAM utilizes HIP, HREM, TEM, SEM, optical microscope, X-Ray, non-desctructive test, radiographic, chemical analysis, fatigue & mechan-ical testing, fluorescent penetration, visual and dimensional inspection methods and operates a complete chemical and mechanical laboratory. BIAM's nondestructive testing laboratory is the central laboratory of Aviation Industries of China.

BIAM has full responsibility over national commercial inspection laboratories which oversee the inspection of metallic and nonmetallic materials for the China Import and Expert Commodity Inspection Bureau. in 1996, BIAM's quality assurance system has been certified under the ISO 9001 and ISO9002.

Fluorescent penetration inspection

Industrial CT inspection

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