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     With 45 years experience in manufacturing titanium castings, BIAM is constantly finding for new and better ways to produce titanium castings. Presently, the annual output of titanium castings is 700 tons. BIAM develops its own rare-earth ceramic core technology, rammed mold and ceramic shell mold materials.

    BIAM takes pride in its casting knowledge and technology. From materials selection to performing, the melting and pouring of titanium alloy in the vacuum consumable electrode skull furnace. To the completes project. The process is strictly controlled and inspected throughout its entirely.

Melting furnace

Casting Furnace


  Titanium investment casting and preci-sion forging represent BIAM's outstanding technology. Various titanium components produced by BIAM have been widely used in China's aerospace and non-aerospace industries, and also have been exported to many countries throughout the world.

   With advanced Titanium manufacturing facilities, technology and expertise,  BIAM always provide excellent customer support with our advanced materials available to the market.

Cast Titanium Golf Club Head


Titanium Castings

Super size Titanium Casting
Golf Club head

  During the recent decade, BIAM has made many achievements in cast titanium materi-als and processes. The advanc-ed materials BIAM has developed include high temperature, high strength and corrosion resistant cast alloys. The oxide ceramic mould investment casting technology makes it possible to produce complicated and thin wall casgings with precision shape and fine structure. The rammed mould casting technology can produce middle to large size castings with high quality.
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