BM002Forged Super-Size Titanium
  • The hosel is moved slightly to the center of the head to reduce the torque on off center shots and to aid the golfer in squaring the club.
  • The head is forged from titanium to deliver different feel and sound than cast titanium.
  • Larger head and face offer expanded perimeter weighting and enhanced flight trajectory

( $38.00/pc)
LOFT() 910.5121
LIE() 5555551
WT.(g) 1941941943
Volume(cc) 280280280-
Face Heights  1.81" (46mm)
Hosel I.D.  0.335"(8.60mm) Parallel
Hosel O.D.  0.50"(12.80mm)
Shafting Depth  1.37"(35mm)
Face Angle  0
Body Materials  CP titanium
Face Materials  6Al-4V Titanium
Ferrule  Required